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�■ Macro generator for Windows 95/NT.
�■ Resizes, enables and disables keys in a table.
�■ Shifts columns.
�■ Allows you to make your database more secure.
�■ It has a 10MB limit for macro creation.
�■ It is only compatible with Microsoft Access and can be downloaded for free from the DBOne website.
�■ The program doesn�t support it.
FIND Description:
�■ Finds duplicate data in a database.
�■ It searches for duplicate data in the database.
�■ It searches for the data in the database, which means that the data will be found on the table, as well as in all of the indexes on the table.
�■ It is only compatible with Microsoft Access and can be downloaded for free from the DBOne website.
The next section will discuss more about database management, one of the most common problems of database management is the bottleneck issue.
When a database is intensively used, its performance may degrade, and many database management problems will arise. Let�s now talk about a few of the problems that may cause you to have a very bad day:
�■ Storing large amounts of data in the database
�■ Writing data for the first time in the database
�■ Recovering from problems in the database
�■ Storing data in the database
�■ Writing data in the database.
This section will discuss the different techniques that can be used to optimize your database. There are many tools available that allow you to optimize your database, such as:
�■ DBDesigner
�■ SQL Compare
�■ SQL Workbench
�■ Visual Database Tools
�■ DBX
�■ DBVisualizer
�■ DBInsight
�■ DBAccess
�■ DBStat-X
�■ DBMining
�■ Database Tuning Advisor (DBA)
This section will discuss how to transfer data from one database to another, and how to implement a database backup. This is an important section, because if you lose data in 384a16bd22

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OligoLocator finds the position of oligonucleotides in sequence, within a multiple sequence alignment (MSA) of protein sequences. The MSA should be in fasta format. Note that you should first convert the sequences in the MSA into fasta format by using the “fasta2fasta” tool from the “seqret” suite.
OligoLocator uses the free oligonucleotide database (FOND) \cite{FOND1} \cite{FOND2} as a reference. The database contains all known oligonucleotide sequences available from the literature and are well annotated.
The program looks for oligonucleotides (sequence length ≥ 3 nt), that have a position of +1 to -1 nt from the translated start or stop codon of the gene in question.
The program also allows for a mismatch (±2 nt) to be considered. For example, when looking for oligonucleotides within coding regions (e.g. MSA aa) the program considers the base at the 5′ end (A, C, T or G). When looking for oligonucleotides in intronic regions, the program considers the base at the 3′ end (A, C, T or G). The program also allows a mismatch to be considered. For example, when searching for oligonucleotides in coding regions (e.g. MSA aa) the program considers the base at the 3′ end (A, C, T or G).
The program also allows for negative selection, where all base at the 5′ end (A, C, T or G) are considered, and the base at the 3′ end (A, C, T or G) is ignored. This allows for negative selection to be considered in intronic regions.
Several oligonucleotide parameters are used, and are automatically calculated as part of the program:
– Oligonucleotide length
– Gap location (minimum of 3 nt)
– Minimum overlap (base + gap)
– Number of possible mismatches per oligonucleotide
– Number of mismatches allowed (excluding that one between the 3′ and 5′ bases)

PDB Location:
[Email protected] | [Kiefer lab](
[Kiefer lab](


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