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The Utopia Chat Client (UCC) is a lightweight application that lets you chat with friends in realtime over a TCP/IP network.
Note: Due to the UCC’s nature, you need to have a little knowledge about how network clients work.
UCC makes use of a peer-to-peer network to send/receive information.
When you’re online, you will have a single address,
where all other client (in your “chat group”) will try to connect to (even if you’re offline), until one of them connects.
However, in order to secure the communication, you need to verify the identity of the connecting client.
UCC provides a way to do this through the KEYMACRO feature.
To use the UCC, you will need to first create an account on our site and get a KEYMACRO.
When you’re using your KEYMACRO to sign the connection, you will need to create a public/private key pair, which will be stored in the UCC database.
The UCC will know which client you’re connecting with,
and it will then give you the opportunity to “authenticate” the key (note that the term authentication refers to the process of verifying the key’s identity).
If you choose to authenticate the key, UCC will attempt to connect you to the other client,
and a server will be listening for messages from the client.
If you later decide that you don’t want to authenticate the key, you can do so in the UCC interface.
In this case, the client will automatically disconnect and UCC will display a “Not Authenticated” message.
UCC Features:
* TCP/IP network for real-time communication
* Support for up to 1.000 users
* Key authentication/verification
* UCC Chat Client provides the ability to have conversations with up to 1.000 users,
allowing you to chat in real time.
* UCC can connect to a computer running Utopia Chat Server (UCS)
* UCC integrates with multiple Utopia Chat Server installations.
* UCC works with Utopia Chat Client (UCC)
* UDP and TCP network protocols supported (though TCP is more reliable)
* Client provides the option to disable the UDP protocol
* Client provides the option to require a specific port
* Client is a user-friendly application
* Client will display a dialog for authentication purposes
* You can 384a16bd22

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A Key Macro is a pre-defined “key” that may be used for authenticated data exchange. For example, it may be used to pre-authenticate the contents of an email message before emailing it.
JSCAPE KeyMacro is a standard XML key exchange format which requires a KeyMacro or Keymacro-macro (symmetric key, or key-level) and a KeyMacro or Keymacro-key (asymmetric key, or key-level) to encrypt or decrypt data. The JSCAPE KeyMacro-key must be shared by the two parties. It is recommended that the KeyMacro-key is only shared at the enterprise level. This allows you to centrally manage a single key.
The format of a KeyMacro is as follows:

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