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KEYMACROs are used for every outgoing file sent to ensure the recipient has not tampered with the file in any way. To verify a KEYMACRO is valid and unmodified, the recipient checks the MD5 hash value of the end of the file. KEYMACROs are processed in 8K blocks and all files sent must be at least 1MB in size. This makes encryption useful only for sending large files.
Supported file formats:
– All formats supported by iWormhole
– ZIP, ZIPPED, TAR and GZIP with compression.
– PDF, TIFF, and GIF.
Supported transmission protocols:
– SMB, including SAMBA
– MSN, AIM, ICQ, YIM and MSN Messenger
– Mail: Email, IMAP and POP
– Excite, YAHOO and Hotmail
– BBS: BBS, Chat and Instant Message
– Telnet
Supported types of file encryption:
– Data encryption
– Access-control
– Public-key authentication
User Guide:
– How to send a file?
– How to recieve a file?
– What is an SMTP relay?
– KeyMacro: How does it work?
– What if i use a SMTP relay that supports KeyMacro?
– Can i encrypt on my own?
– How much does it cost?
iWormhole is shareware, see the trial details at:
Give it a try, what are you waiting for?
– iWormhole is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
– You may copy, modify and distribute the source code as long as you make the
original version available to others as well.
– You may not sub-license the source code, but you may distribute it under
different terms as long as the original version is available.
– You may make changes, improvements and additions to the code and distribute
them under different terms as long as the original version is available.
– You may modify, adapt and improve the design and code and use it to create
your own applications.
– You may adapt the design to different operating systems, hardware and
– You may charge a fee for 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a key management utility that can be used to protect your data by generating strong and unique passwords for encryption of your important files. It can be used as an alternative to other file security solutions.
KeyMACRO uses a keyboard macro system to generate passphrases by typing them in a sequence. It includes a stand-alone program that is not based on any operating system. It is the best choice for users who want to use this tool without installing a special software on their computer.
KeyMACRO provides its users with different settings, including the number of unique passwords to create, their length, and their random seed. It is capable of generating AES and RSA encrypted passwords.
KeyMACRO’s powerful password generator is ideal for users who are always worried about keyloggers or other software stealing their information. It is especially useful to protect files that are frequently accessed. KeyMACRO includes unique password security features such as password strength validation and failed password recovery. It works with all versions of Microsoft Windows, and does not require the installation of additional programs.
KeyMACRO is recommended for:
– Security experts
– Frequent internet users
– Data security
– Data encryption
– Data protection
– Password protection
– For any situation where the use of the same password is highly required
– Proactive security
– Protecting data files
– Data protection
– Network security
KeyMACRO Specifications:
– Make the user passwords unique and random
– Use different password types
– Generate strong and unique passwords for the creation of strong encryption
– Generate passwords in different languages
– Make the user passwords available in different formats
– Lock the data with strong encryption
– Make the passwords recoverable in case of system or network failure
– Protect your data in the most popular data formats: RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip, ISO, BZIP2, Tar, 7z, and TAR
– Various types of file encryption
– Strong AES encryption
– Create and protect individual files
– Full customization
– Full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7
– The most stable and fully functional software
– Simple and intuitive interface
– Various password types
– Made in Russia
– Password generator and recovery
– Free
– Modular
– Password strength validator
– Password strength evaluator
– Password strength measurer
– Password validator
– Password validator
– Password quality analyzer
– Password quality analyzer
– Password quality analyzer


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