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CS5 suite within seconds of investing $29.95 for a full account. By April 13, 2005, Adobe has confirmed that the CS5 suite will be released on April 18, 2005, or on May 6, 2005, or on May 26, 2005, depending on the location.
Mar 27, 2005
Incremental updates for the CS3 and CS4 suites and upgrade pricing for CS4 is available. [Adobe Creative Suite 3: Architecture, Architecture Performance, Design Suite, Effects, Flash Professional, InDesign, Illustrator, Media Cybernatics, Premiere Pro, Postproduction, Postproduction Design, Portable Document Format (PDF), Acrobat, Typekit, and Web & Internet]. (Windows only).
May 13, 2005 announces the availability of Adobe Creative Suite 5 on May 6, 2005. (Windows only).
Jun 4, 2005
The Photoshop version available is CS5, not CS4.
Aug 24, 2005
Photoshop/Photoshop Elements 3.6 is the last release of this earlier version before Photoshop was released as a standalone app. This edition provides features for new and previous versions of Photoshop. (Windows only).
Sep 15, 2005
New CS5.5 subscription is valid for one year from purchase date and may be renewed for additional periods.
Oct 19, 2005
Adobe announces a new subscription model for Creative Suite 5. It will be available for one year only (one rental time), with a discounted price, and a renewal option available at reduced rate. .
Dec 30, 2005 announces the release of version 1.5 of Adobe After Effects.
Jan 18, 2006 announces the release of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. (Windows only).
Jan 24, 2006 announces the release of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Extended.
Jul 15, 2006
For the first time in years, the Adobe Creative Suite Platinum is no longer bundled with Photoshop. This allows people to purchase Photoshop CS3 separately. Photoshop is now its own add-on subscription service. PhotoShop CS3 costs a discounted $49.95 for the current version, plus the subscription service. (Windows only)
Sep 26, 2006
Adobe releases Acrobat 9.1 Preview for Acrobat 9.1. (Windows only)
Dec 7, 2006
The Photoshop CS3 Gold Pack can be purchased for $349.00 (

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